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About "Dayasagar" film

Native actors who perform in the same language and lifestyle as the people share the message of Jesus Christ in our life of Christ film "Dayasagar" meaning "Oceans of Mercy" in English.

"Dayasagar" is a professionally produced film that was initially released in cinema houses throughout India. Over 17 million people saw the film before Dayspring began its work among the hundreds of thousands of Indian villages sharing the love of Jesus. "Dayasagar" has been dubbed into at least 14 major Indian languages. It is a 160 minute film on the life of Jesus Christ.

Mobile film teams travel throughout the countryside to remote tribal villages and towns showing the film. Once there an empty field is located, a bed-sheet-type screen is sometimes hung between two trees. Many people will come out under the stars to watch the story of Jesus unfold. Sometimes the film is shown in buildings.

Film evangelism is currently one of the most cost-effective methods for sharing the gospel with the world. In 20 years, we have shown the Life of Christ film in more than 90,000 villages, reaching more than 70 million people. Approximately 6 million people have decided to come to Christ after watching the film.

For more information on Daya Sagar film ministry, please visit the official Daya Sagar web site at


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